Vacation Inspirations: Hopkins, South Carolina: Woodrow Testimonial Part 2

Charles and Lillie Woodrows couple full length photo

Charles and Lillie Woodrows

The Woodrows and others stayed at sea for almost nine hours before it was deemed safe enough to continue island hopping. Despite being part of one the worst natural disasters of the past century, the family still describes their experience as “most enjoyable.”

“It’s hard to pick a favorite island in Hawaii because each has its own distinct beauty,” said Charles. “Hawaii has volcanoes like Kilauea and Oahu was also very pretty. It’s very difficult to pick one over the other, and I don’t think I can.”

Kilauea is an active volcano that frequently causes damage, while Oahu is home to the famous naval base at Pearl Harbor.

With the majority of their vacation spent in the capital city of Honolulu and being caught slightly off-guard by pricing on the islands, the Woodrows managed to save money by booking travel through Vacation Inspirations. They used the Vacation Inspirations website and travel agency, rating the company’s service in selecting and booking hotels and cruises, as well as its overall customer service, as excellent.

Best of all, because the Woodrows are members of Vacation Inspirations, they received a rebate check after their vacation was over. While they are staying closer to home for their next vacation, Vacation Inspirations will be on hand to assist in planning and booking to save even more money.

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